Somebody Else - 2005

There's nothing like this when you're awake when you're awake.


  Like Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy industrialist, playboy and philanthropist; Superman born on Krypton, rocketed to Earth as an infant, adopted and raised as Clark Kent…

Elfi Snow’s alter-ego is by day, Kristen Copham, who runs a successful gallery in New York. Kristen has painted over 600 faces at NY Studio Gallery which are featured on the CD “Your Face.”

By night, Elfi Snow shuttles back and forth between New York and Minnesota to perform at such clubs as the Knitting Factory, The Baggot Inn, the Pussy Cat Club, the Slipper Room, and Rockwood Music Hall in New York; the Turf Club and Big V's in St. Paul; and Lee's Liquor Lounge, 331 Club, the Hexagon and the Uptown Bar in Minneapolis.

Elfi Snow’s third CD release features original songs written by Elfi and integrates a variety of genres including country, reggae, folk and punk and of course, rock and roll.

"Your Face" is mixed by Grammy Award winning tracking and mix engineer, Technician Ron Allaire and produced and mastered by Andre Fratto of Great Waters Music in New York,.

Elfi Snow’s band members include drummer Tom Cook, who just returned from a European tour with The Magnolias, and bassist Erik Asp, who has played with such well-known folk groups as Victoria Williams and The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers, and guitarist Mike Mann (Lights Out Committee.) Elfi also plays with drummer Mark “Thunder” Anderson (AM), guitarist Dan “Danimal” Lorette, keyboardist Sharad Shanbhag, musicians Andre Fratto and Ron Albert, and vocalist Amy Buchanan of Le Cirque Rouge.

The first single release from “Your Face” is “Thin Line.”

Elfi Snow

Little Sizzler - 2003

Thanks to everyone who loves art and music.

Your face  - 2008

Produced by Andre Fratto and Elfi Snow.